The Denville Series: Cigars, Lily Pads, and Tootsie Rolls

When I walk into the Smoke Shop with my children, the smell of tobacco brings me back to another time. I am eight years old walking into the same space with my father. He is picking up the Sunday paper and I am picking up a Tootsie Roll and a pack of New Kids On The Block cards. These tactile memories parallel the ones I now build with my own children in this lovely little town. Denville feeds my soul with pizza and local produce, fuels my day with assorted caffeine options, and cools my bones with a dip in Indian Lake. 

This mixed media series explores the beauty and timelessness of the town I call home. Memories and moments are literally sprinkled into the ice cream, coffee, and pizza. Bits of tobacco and money can be found within the handmade paper and there may be a few NKOTB cards to look for (Joey was my favorite).

I hope you are able to engage with this work and maybe smell the tobacco, taste the tootsie rolls, and feel the ice cream dripping down your hand. Let the sunshine kiss your skin as it bounces off the lake and watch the lily pads gently float by.


First Solo Show!

And my proud kiddos.