Powerful Women

I was invited by Cathy LeCleire, the aTi drawing teacher who I respect and admire, to go for a run through the woods this morning. I made the conscious decision to NOT bring my camera or phone. Although I knew the light would be great at 6:30 in the morning and there would definitely be some great opportunities for photographs, sometimes it's more important to just be present. My husband and I enjoy seeing live music and it drives me crazy when I see so many people taking video of the entire show through their phones. By focusing on your screen, you are missing out on truly absorbing the experience all around you! Besides, I'm sure you can find a much better video of a band playing your favorite song live on youtube.

Cathy is an avid runner and knows her way around the trails here as she teaches at aTi South every year. I am pleased to report that we made our way through the trails all the way around the lake! The journey brought me to the destination today. Running is usually a solo affair for me, a chance to listen to some good music, sweat, and be alone. Running while having a conversation may take some getting used to, but it certainly makes three miles fly!

I missed breakfast on campus this morning and was heartbroken to discover that the campus Dunkin Donuts is closed on Friday. I felt a bit out of sorts in the lab sans caffeine. Nevertheless, I chugged away at editing and printing. Right before lunch, I started to assemble my printmaking work. While in the studio, I shared with my classmates that I told my husband last night I am born to be a student. Being able to spend every day learning and working in an art building is my zen. If only someone could pay me and provide benefits for such a profession.

On my walk back from lunch, I realized that I hadn't taken any photos yet. I was feeling a little lost about the direction this post would take today. I took a breath and accepted the fact that the first photo of the day would find me, and it sure did. While I was rounding the corner towards the Arts and Sciences building, I stumbled upon this small dead bird. Another opportunity to better understand my undergrad drawing professor (see Wednesday's post). I really wish I remembered her name to contact her. When I hear from former students about how something I did has impacted them, it lights up my soul.

My classmate, Denise, is an extraordinary painter and is using our digital photo workshop as an opportunity to compile more inspiration and imagery for her work. She asked me to model for her because she likes to document strong and powerful women. Well, OK! 

I really appreciate the bit of humor in her staging. Her concepts border on Surreal. This is such a great example of how creative people feed off of one another. We inspire one another and make each other want to be the best version of our artist selves. I feel like I have made friends for life this week. Every artist needs other artists as friends. That way, when you want to take a photo of someone blowdrying her hair outside, she is 100% committed to the cause.

My digital photography crew for this past week. I am so grateful to all of them for making this experience so fulfilling and special. Wendel is a wonderful teacher and a saint for driving around a van full of nine women during a heat wave!

And here is my running partner, the powerful woman on the other side of the group photo.