First Curated Show: Waking in Winter

This show is a collaboration of artists who I respect and admire. We were all inspired by the same excerpt from Christophe Andre's Looking at Mindfulness:

"It’s now, right now. In a little while it will be something else-- the magpie will have flown away, the sun will be higher in the sky, the shadow of the hedge will have retreated. It won’t be better, or not as good, it will just be different. So now is the time to stop walking, feel the cold air fill our nostrils, listen to all the muffled sounds and admire the extraordinary light of the sun and snow. We must stay here as long as we can, not waiting for anything in particular-- quite the opposite! Just stay here, doing our best to perceive the countless riches of this moment: the clumps of snow that fall from the trees with a tiny, soft thud; the blue-white shadow of the hedge; the small movements of a magpie seeking a little warmth in the sun. Everything is perfect. Nothing more is needed for this moment to feel complete."

It's so incredible to see how 8 entirely different artists interpret one concept. I am so thankful to everyone who participated and thrilled with the success of the show, excellent feedback, and 5 works sold!! Thank you to all of the participating artists. I am humbled by your talent and grateful for your participation and support:

Rachel Therres
Eileen Foti
Rachael Krehel
Andriana Levytsky
Kerri Pero
Peter Pizza
Laura Rizzo